Sharon & Nick's Handfasting, Festival Wedding from Greenfield Photography

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Sharon & Nick essentially had 2 weddings - one a 'normal' one at a registry office, and a week later they had a Handfasting at Yoghurt Rooms - which is a wonderful location - a farm and a campsite. Most of the guests chose to camp but the bride and groom 'glamped' in their very own yurt.

The handfasting, the meal (hog roast and 'cheese' cake) and dancing (reggae band) were all outside until everyone piled in to the 'Later Lounge' to hear the DJ.

Sharon & Nick work in festivals so helped to decorate the venue how they wanted to to create a festival atmosphere and Greenfield Photography was there to capture the day.

Guests wrote down their goodwill messages on paper labels and hung them from a tree.

Nick brewed his own alcohol to serve to guests.

Sharon chose a beautiful and unusual head piece which was made of bird feathers. 

Nick helped to DJ in the evening. 

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