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Hello Delightfully Dainty Cakes!
Hey, I'm Aimee and love to bake, decorate and of course eat cake (who doesn't!!) I started decorating cakes about 3 years ago for friends and family until one day somebody said those famous words "you
could make these for people!" So here I am - a lot of cake, tonnes of icing sugar and sparkly new kitchen later! When I'm not in the kitchen you'll find me in the gym (burning off all that cake!) or on the sofa with my man, my cats and a good box set!

So you created the semi-naked wedding cake. What was your inspiration?
The rustic 'naked cake' trend has been around a while now, brides love it as it fits in with the not so traditional, more rustic style wedding. Lauren and Shaun's wedding was at Stepney Hill Farm in a barn - the naked style cake would work perfectly, but white was the key colour for this wedding and they still wanted a traditional white wedding cake - this is where the idea for semi naked cake came from. Lauren wanted the cake to be a key feature at the wedding (this is what all cake designers want to hear!!) so we decided to make it 6 tiers of cake with 2 tiers of fruit and flowers. Can a cake ever be too big?!

Lauren & Shaun's Wedding Venue - Stepney Hill Farm, Scarborough
75 large eggs went into the making of this cake 

So if it's not an iced cake or a naked cake, does that make it a “striptease” cake?!
I'd like to think the cake is doing a little striptease, leaving a little to the imagination! And who doesn't love a good striptease!

How long did it take you to make?
This was without a doubt the biggest cake I've made, it me took 4-5 days to make, including 3 full days baking - my oven did so well!

The bride Lauren and her wedding cake.

It bust have been a very difficult bake, what was the most technical element?
The trickiest element was the height and ensuring it was sturdy and wasn't going to topple over and land on an unsuspecting guest!! I'm lucky that my Dad is a joiner and my boyfriend has just put up a new workshop so what better way to make use of it than to build a frame for a wedding cake - HELLO CAKE BOSS!! We spent time planning, drawing and working out the structure for it. Wendy, the florist was also on hand to supply and advise on the roses and the gypsophila for the cake, whenever there's a hurdle I'm very lucky to have such knowledgeable people around to help and learn from.


I like my cakes to have deep tiers, so each tier was 4 layers of cake, meaning each tier was approx 4.5 inches in height. Then factor in 4 inches worth of roses and fruit as well as boards. I think the cake stood about 32 inches in total - plus she was displayed on a huge beautiful tree stump supplied by Lauren and Shaun to add even more WOW!

Aimee shows off her stunning wedding cake creation.

Any funny moments during the planning/making/delivery?
Well, there was the time I nearly set it on fire...! I had the 2 base tiers in a box on the top of my electric oven, next thing I started to smell burning and realised I'd knocked the knob and turned the hob on as I walked past! Luckily we noticed very quickly, so a crisis was averted!

What's your top tip when choosing a wedding cake?
Think outside the box, get ideas, get inspiration and research but work with your cake designer to make something unique, these are the cakes that really stand out.

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Photo Credits:
The bride and the cake - Cloe Smith
Cake on the tree stump - Ben North
All others - Simon Gummer

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