A Wedding with a Difference

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The British summer, as we all know can be unpredictable, so a Bride and Groom looking for that outdoors wedding are, in effect, leaving the day in the lap of the gods. Why let the weather add to the stress, will it rain? Will it not? Will it be windy or will it be the day you dreamed of?

One idea that is become more on trend for more which combines outdoor elements and an option to move indoors at last minute is the classic country barn wedding and that’s the beauty of having an FPC Certified Professional Celebrant conduct your ceremony.

Seeing that you would have or planning to complete the legal contractual registrar part of the marriage process either in private or with a couple of close friends or family, the public declaration of your marriage and celebration knows no bounds. The beauty of this method of planning your wedding is you can use anywhere to hold a ceremonial wedding and exchange of vows. It doesn’t even have to be a wedding licensed venue. This is where the barn idea comes in.

With the myriad of beautifully crafted, old barns around in the UK, just imagine a wedding venue adorned with tastefully decorated tables, an aisle with a difference, a wedding centre piece that you designed and created and a ceremony that is truly unique and meaningful to you both, instead of the run of the mill. This way, the weather is just the weather and not necessarily a spoiler for your special day as the ceremonial part can take place inside the barn or outside if the sun shines!

Many people are choosing this type of wedding now as it can be a more relaxing affair than a formal venue, catering can be relaxed such as a buffet, BBQ or a pig/ lamb spit roast. The list is endless so let your imagination run wild.

A Professional Celebrant will support in creating the readings, the ceremony choreography and most importantly your public exchange of vows which, again can be totally individual. You may be two people coming together with an already made family. Why not include the children in the vow exchange? You may want a traditional hand fasting, ring warming or jumping the broom. You may be renewing your vows or even wanting to combine a wedding and naming ceremony for your child. As this is purely ceremonial, it can be anything you want it to be.

If you want to discuss the services provided by a Professional Celebrant then do not hesitate to contact me here.

Author - David Feakes is a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and is certificated in providing family services such as Weddings, Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows and other rites of passage.

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