Introducing Lynda Pepper - ‘Fairy Godmother and Wedding Manager’ at Hodsock Priory

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Following their recent Best Wedding Venue win at the inaugural I Do Wedding Awards 2015, we find out a little bit more about Hodsock Priory's Wedding Manager, Lynda Pepper...

Planning a wedding can raise all sorts of emotions and tensions. Luckily you’re in good hands with Lynda. She has 30 years of experience and truly loves working with brides and grooms. No Hodsock wedding is the same and she becomes part of your family - which is why she has a keepsake box with hundreds of hand-written thank you cards on the desk.

She’s been Superwoman many times – from re-icing a wedding cake that has collapsed to stitching wedding dresses seconds before the Bride walks down the aisle. She even drove after the Best Man who’d left the rings behind to find him panicking in the Church yard. You need a calm and safe pair of hands in these circumstances and they don’t come better than our Lynda.

She has a heart of gold and great intuition. Lynda will always crouch down and welcome children to Hodsock. It’s a family home and if the children are happy, the parents will be too. On the flipside, in the heat of a family wedding, tempers can be hot and she has the uncanny ability to defuse any tensions with a well-timed laugh.

Lynda says she must have one of those faces that mean people tell her all sorts of secrets on their wedding day. Mum’s the word - she won’t tell a soul.
“I love people and everything about them – the names and the funny stories and there’s nothing better than helping a couple and their families plan their wedding. I’m able to get on and do the job at Hodsock in a way I don’t think I could anywhere else. And I get paid to do what I do best!” Lynda on why she loves her job so much!
The relationship Lynda has with her brides and grooms doesn’t stop when the wedding’s over. Adrian and Theresa are one of many couples married at Hodsock who return every year for their anniversary. They have a lovely ritual of opening a bottle of champagne on the Terrace and inviting the Hodsock Team to join them for a drink. They always bring Lynda a huge bunch of flowers. We leave them to have a romantic stroll round the gardens before they have dinner in the village. They stay up late, helping themselves to drinks from the Bar, listening to music and looking at their wedding album. They take the following day off work so they can have a lazy (full English) breakfast in the Ante Room looking out over the gardens.

If Hodsock Priory sounds like the Nottinghamshire wedding venue for you, then their next open day will be on Sunday 27th September 2015 11am-3pm.  Entry to the venue is free allowing you to meet the team, explore the gardens and walk around the house set out ready for a glorious Hodsock Wedding.
“Keep it simple and enjoy it – you don’t need as many ‘extras’ as you think!” Lynda’s top tip for couples planning their wedding.
For details about Hodsock’s wedding packages and facilities visit or call 01909 591204 and speak with Lynda Pepper, weddings manager.

Cover Image: George Buchanan & the Hodsock Wedding Team courtesy of Peter Boyd Wedding Photography

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