Brides Hair Vs Bridesmaids Hair


I must admit blogging is not normally my thing! But I had so much fun writing my last one that I was feeling quite inspired and decided to write about a subject my brides and bridesmaids sometimes struggle to talk about! How YOU want your bridesmaids to have their hair (and how THEY want it!)

My thoughts have always been that you want your bridesmaids to be happy and feel fantastic. But lets face it, you don't want your hair to be to similar to your bridesmaids - your the bride and its your big day! But what happens when you have always visioned classic simple hair or natural curls and your bridesmaids are pinning the same styles...or worse more eccentric versions!? 

Obviously your dress will give away that your the bride but i always ask...if you just saw snaps of the back of the hair would you know who's the bride and who's not? So these are a few tips on how to not blend in!
1. A brilliant way to do this is to pick very simple matching accessories for your bridesmaids even if their hairs are different lengths or thicknesses. Tip: you can create an obvious theme just using grips, clips and I always love to see flowers! 

2. By matching your hair accessories to your dress and not being afraid to go that bit bigger, make a statement and you can look "bride" from every angle. Tip: try materials and side headbands rather than the more traditional tiaras and harsh golds or silvers!

3. Choose a feature to focus on eg... a plait, curls or their hair to the same side, which will help keep your bridesmaids looking similar whilst allowing them their individuality. They can explain to the hairdresser what they would like within this (big, small, textured or sleek) but your hairdresser has a clear style to work towards: Knowing what the Bride wants lets the hairdresser make sure everyone's happy but they can work to the persons hair and style - so they can show there personality off! Everyone will have for example a plait but they will range from a tiny plait behind the ear to a statement waterfall again creating a theme.

4. Don't depend on your veil to much to make your hair look bridal. Consider statement hair pieces or a hair up for your big day - you don't wan't to look back and feel like you match your bridesmaids! 

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