Boho Brides: A Wedding Hair Lookbook

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Being a successful wedding hairstylist in such a competitive line of work is certainly a great achievement. We need to acknowledge these artists, because that is exactly what they are. Creating incredible art out of a barely more than locks of hair and preparing them for a very special day is their specialty. That is exactly what Lauren King does, a magnificent wedding hairdresser #BrideHour recently had the pleasure of interviewing. As Lauren suggests, it’s important to hire a specialist if you have a very particular idea for a design, and have every lock securely in its proper place. And we couldn’t agree more. Now, Lauren also mentioned how boho summer hairstyles are taking over the wedding fashion world by storm, and we decided to go deeper into that subject matter.

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Letting Your Hair Down
Wearing your hair loose is perfect for those summer beach weddings. You can always incorporate a stylish headband or a flower in bloom. Hair texture is everything when prepping your tresses for a boho summer. Not everybody can spend long days surfing around Bondi Beach in Australia, perfecting their sun-kissed hair and tan. Us non-Australian mortals can get a similar texture by working a pure organic shampoo for healthy, clean and natural hair. Forget sleek and shiny, now is the season of your hair’s youth! And if you still aren’t sure what it is that you want, look to the casual wave style queens Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the boho goddesses we grew up with. What better inspiration for a girly elegant look with a dash of grunge, yet all within boho boundaries? It only sounds strange, trust us!

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Braided Ponies
Another popular boho hairstyle to flaunt your excellent hair color is the braided pony. You can either create an intricate braided piece a la Daenerys Targaryen, or you could incorporate a subtle braid into a thick ponytail to give it a youthful pop. If you wish to upgrade this rather simple look, get some vintage jewellery. Perhaps a chain from vintage-loving boho queen Nicole Richie’s own label, House of Harlow?

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Updos are an evergreen classic. This most elegant and classy bridal look can be kept clean, or you could take 2 bohemic directions: the old-timer beehive recently popularized by the beloved Amy Winehouse, or a sassy updo accessorized with flowers or metallic details. Perhaps you could wrap a silk scarf around your bouffant for a chic yet practical wedding hairstyle. Don’t forget that pinned buns, crown braids and top knots are the basic ingredients for creating a perfect updo hairstyle.

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This look looks perfect when the top half is braided in a knot and the down half is curled or just loose. The perfect accessory here could be a vintage or a lace veil or a stylish headpiece. Lana Del Rey channeled some incredible half-up goodness in her obscure video for Ultraviolence.

Overall, when you think boho style think in a comfortable and effortless way. That is a style that you are going for. Vintage details, floral motives, lace and headbands are the motives characteristic for the boho style. The key is to convey the impression of a casual but at the same time elegant and romantic look. Try not to over think anything, just strive for a simple, beautiful and graceful look and there is no doubt that you will be the protagonist in your own fairy tale wedding.

Author: Kate Flannery - Contributor, HighStyleLife

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