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Hey there, tell us a little about yourself!
Hello, we’re The White Bulb, a husband and wife run business determined to bring a touch of light up awesomeness to weddings and events across the UK.
We specialise in all things letter lights. There are two sides to the business; the large letter lights for hire – all handmade by Quinny, and then the smaller table top letter lights (including our unique range or flower letter lights) which are available to purchase or hire, and these are handmade by myself, Vikki, hi ☺

Have you seen any trends in the wedding industry recently?
For actual weddings themselves, the Tipi wedding seems to be a big favourite this year. A couple of friend’s were married in Tipi’s last year and it was awesome! In terms of styling, I’m noticing a lot of monogrammed accessories – letters, stationery, cake toppers… it’s possible I’m just aware of these more though due to making monogrammed products myself.

What inspired you to start your business?
We were primarily spurred on to start The White Bulb after we tried (and failed) to hire some letter lights for our wedding last year. The local companies didn’t have our initials available and other companies wouldn’t deliver to us as we were too far away. It was then that we decided to make some ourself – after all, how hard could it be (errr… very ;) )
It’s taken us 7 months to finally get the large letters as we wanted them to look; just the right size, the right weight (for posting reasons, yep, we cover ALL of the UK) and most importantly, the right style of bulb to cast that awesome pattern on the back of the lights. 
Obviously 7 months is a long time to just be planning and prototyping, and because I’m massively impatient and needed to fill the ‘void’ that our own wedding had left in my life, I started making little letter lights for family birthday’s, for around our house and eventually to sell online to you wonderful people. The rest is, as they say, history…

Have you noticed a difference in the weddings from when you started out to now??
Every wedding I come across – whether it be on Pinterest, blogs, photographer websites etc – seems to be getting more ambitious and creative than the last. It’s great that people can really get creative with their wedding’s these days rather than be bound by the restrictions of the venue. 

Top tip for couples planning their wedding?
Give yourself enough time to achieve what you want to. Don’t over commit yourself – especially when DIY’ing a wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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