In Honour of the Mother of the Bride

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Even though the bride and the groom are in the centre of attention (why shouldn't they be, this is their wedding day after all), there are other people involved who seldom get any credit for all their efforts. Such is the case with the mother of the bride; father of the bride has the father-daughter dance and he is taking her to the altar, but the mother is always at the side, silently wiping away her tears with the handkerchief. I really feel that the mother of the bride is under appreciated and suggest a few things which will change that.

Organizational Skills
It is the duty of the mother of the bride to make a list of relatives and friends who will be invited to the wedding. Also, the mother of the bride is the one who has the most diplomatic skills to negotiate the number of guests, the booking of the venue, the groom’s guest list, and the rehearsal dinner. And this is not the end of the list too – she should be the first in line to receive the guests, be the first contact for all the wedding pros, and be there for her daughter at all times. The mother of the bride truly is a magician.

The Wedding Reception
Since it is the parents of the newlyweds who pay for the wedding dinner, it used to be the custom to have them choose the guests on the guest list. However, times have changed and even though the parents are paying for the reception, the bride and groom also have a say in the matter. It can be tough having to negotiate this delicate matter since brides will surely not want her very distant relative she hasn’t seen in decades come to the wedding, while the groom will surely have a fight with his own mother about that great-uncle he doesn't remember. All parties should be open to compromise and try to understand the other side.

Capture the Emotions
Mother of the bride is as excited and emotional as the bride herself, or even more so, because she has experienced this same thing decades ago. She is quiet, dignified, and beautiful, looking at her beautiful daughter with pride and joy, and a good photographer should capture this. All those little moments: helping the bride fix her dress and hair, looking at her from the back while she laughs excitedly, and being sentimental while her daughter dances with her father; all these special moments should be made into beautiful memories, says a photographer from a wedding photography studio in Melbourne.

Class and Elegance
Bursting with joy and pride for her daughter’s wedding, a mother will certainly wish to look special and elegant. Sometimes, mothers go too far and wear strapless, open-back, tight dresses in shades of ivory and white, which is, you will all agree, inappropriate. Mother of the bride should not outshine the bride herself, so her dress should be in a bit darker shades of purple, gray, beige, or even pink. Silk, lace, and glitter are all allowed if combined and worn with taste.

So, while proposing a toast at the wedding reception, besides toasting to the newlyweds, don’t forget to make one in the honor of the mother of the bride. Keep in mind that she is the one looking at her daughter with joy, hoping she will find happiness in her marriage, and one day be the mother of the bride herself.

Author: Kate Flannery - Contributor, HighStyleLife

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