And the Winner is...Wedding Hair by by Lauren!

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Hey there, tell us a little about yourself! 
My names Lauren King and I own my own business as a fully qualified home hairdresser that specialises in wedding hair. I'm one of very few businesses that does what I do, I have no base I travel out to prep hair for colour, cuts and trials and on the big day! 

What inspired you to start your business? 
Honestly!? Because I didn’t think I could...I was 21, a female and dyslexic. I was made redundant and refused to work for a salon I couldn’t put my all into; I was determined to prove myself wrong and my extremely supportive family correct! I wanted to spend my days doing photo shoots and wedding hair and I have achieved things I planned to do much later on! So my aims are always changing! (my gran cant keep up!)

Have you seen any trends in the wedding industry recently? 
For hair definitely! Im seeing less vials and more flowers and textured accessory’s to go with low cut (bare back) dresses and the uprising of beautifully detailed use of lace!
Im happy to see less and less ‘ordered off line’ hair jewellery that can cheapen a classic hair do and more people shopping local! (having it from the bridal boutique or shops!) they just photograph better! People want an almost boho/vintage hair up, that ‘I've rolled out of bed and it just looks like this’ look but with all the height and class of a vintage bride, a real mash of plaits, pinculs, curls and waves! 

Have you noticed a difference in the weddings from when you started out to now?
I started my interest in wedding hair very young (my first wedding party at just 15!) and I’ve found a difference in that time. People are on a budget and try to fit in as much personality into each nook and cranny they can find! Its not about grand churches and 3 course meals, its about the little touches. Personalised hangers, socks and quirky invites – brides are hungry for original ideas that won’t cost the earth! Its so much fun to think of things and bounce off each other I feel half hairdresser half wedding planner most my day! Its amazing!

Top tip for brides planning their wedding?
Its amazing what you pick up doing wedding hair! that’s why its so important to choose a specialist, we know very random things that may not be in out job title, but have learnt along the way. As a hairdresser, I'm always amazed I know how to do up wedding dresses, attach button holes and most importantly I remind you to brush your teeth and not spray your perfume directly on to your white dress. Little things like this can be so helpful when your minds on other things!

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