Bring on the Bridalplasty

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Wedding preparations are truly taxing endeavors, ask anyone who has done it! Take into consideration the planning, time, energy, money and stress, it will leave you thoroughly drained. Now whether it's because of this or just a general pressure to look good on your big day, there seems to be an increasing trend of undergoing a cosmetic procedure before it’s time to say the vital ‘I do’.

By doing this, a bride can boost her self-esteem or eliminate slight aesthetic imperfections and has been dubbed "bridalplasty". Here’s a short list of some common surgical procedures that are on offer.

The most stunning smile: Fillers and injectables
An option brides not eager to undergo extensive facelifts, mini-lifts can help smooth out lines, rejuvenate the skin and conceal facial imperfections such as scars, wrinkles and saggy patches. For a stunning smile, pick an injectable or dermal filler that suits your correction needs and budget best, e.g. Hyaluronic acid, Botox, Radiesse etc. and allow a couple of weeks for the downtime.

A lovely snub nose: Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that enhances the visual appearance of the nose by enhancing its shape and removing lumps. Before you opt for a nose job, make sure your surgeon presents your with credible images of adjustments that can be made in the procedure, and allow for around six months of downtime before you walk down the aisle.

Makeup done pro: Temporary or permanent tattoos
Cosmetic tattoos are a big deal in both the makeup and tattoo industries and they offer a simple yet effective way for brides-to-be to add a note of refreshment to their facial contours. Permanent or henna makeup is applied to the eye and lip area by means of a tattoo gun, sterile needles and an iron oxide ink mixed to suit the client’s tan optimally. The procedure can take from 20 minutes (for the permanent eyeliner application) to one hour (lips or eyebrows) and you should allow for several weeks for the bruising, swelling and redness to wear off before you take the walk down the aisle.

A generous cleavage: Breast augmentation procedures
Ladies with a modest cleavage can undergo a breast augmentation procedure before their wedding day in order to get the boobs they always wanted. Breast augmentation increases the size and volume of the breasts by means of an implant insertion. Implant shells are usually made of silicone rubber filled with a saline solution or silicone gel, and the procedure effects need to be revised regularly to prevent unwanted complications.

Amazing wedding curves: Benefits of liposuction
Brides with a slightly more generous figure can get in shape quickly by opting for a liposuction procedure six to eight months before the wedding. By eliminating excess fat in the abdomen, bottom and thigh area, liposuction helps define the silhouette and oust cellulite in cases where no diet or exercise regime seems to work.

A perfect wedding gown waistline: Mini tummy tuck
One of simple yet efficient surgery procedures performed at clinics worldwide, a mini tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin in the waistline area but unlike its full-scale counterpart, it does not involve extensive scarring or moving the belly button. For best results and optimal healing, allow up to eights months for your body to recover fully and shine at its best on your big day.

Remember, in most cases these procedures will make you feel and look rejuvenated, but don't make the decision lightly.

Author: Kate Flannery - Contributor, HighStyleLife

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