Sand Ceremony

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On #Bridehour last night I mentioned a Sand Ceremony as a unique addition to your wedding. The concept incorporates the blending of two colours of sand into one vessel then sealed as a symbol of the couple’s unity and what’s more, is it is something to treasure for the years to come.

The great aspect of using a sand ceremony is the ability to blend other colours too! You may already have children, have step children who would perhaps love to blend their colour with you too, or, you may want to blend a colour representing a loved one who is no longer with you as bringing their memory to your special day. Whichever you choose, the sand colours can represent anything you wish.

As a professional celebrant, I could also help you include the ceremony as a part of your vows to each other, for example, ‘This sand represents my love to you, my unity with you and as long as the love lasts, will remain sealed together.’ Just a thought!

Or for a family sand ceremony, you could say something like ‘This sand represents our families and children coming together as one.’

The other great thing about having a sand ceremony is the relative low cost. There are plenty of kits available online like this beautifully crafted vessel on Amazon for example.

Unity Sand Heart Vase on Amazon

Although ideal for the lower budget, the effect is nothing but cheap! But a beautiful symbol of you and your partners joining together. In other words, the two sands uniting in one stream!

Author: David Feakes is a professional celebrant and certified member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants to conduct Marriage and Family Ceremonies. He is available to help your design, write and conduct your wedding to make that day truly special. For more information visit his website.

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