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Finding imagery to inspire our wedding plans is not only time consuming, matching suppliers to that inspiration often involves trawling endless websites and magazines.

Despite initial appearances - Coupled is not just another 'pretty picture' app.

Coupled is a truly inspirational journey that links beautiful imagery with quality suppliers, making wedding planning as wonderful an experience as the final event will be. Users are given a straightforward swipe interface of stunning images, and when those images resonate with the user they can be shared; interacted with or moved to a mood board for use later.

Even before saving to the mood board, the image can reveal the supplier who created that inspiration, or even be shared with others. Utilising the mood boards, users can let family and friends share the inspiration and participate in the plans for a perfect day.

Connectegrity Limited have already challenged and changed the landscape in social media interactions for businesses via CubeSocial, but Coupled is set to completely disrupt the wedding market, by allowing anyone planning a wedding, to do so by simply interacting with beautiful images.
"We want technology to deliver on the promise that it has been making for so long," explains Mark Bower, co-founder of Coupled, "Technology should make interactions easier, not exist for the sake of technology."
Coupled has all the familiarity of other popular image sharing sites:
· Image swiping
· Social sharing
· Cross platform compatibility (iOS and Android)
and then adds to this by delivering the features that so many users have wished were available:
· Seeing a beautiful, inspirational image and finding the connected supplier who can deliver that image as a product or service
· Allowing our friends and family to easily share the beautiful inspiration that we've found
· Smart integration that aids, not obscures, finding what we need

"Bringing wedding suppliers together with planners in an inspirational, beautiful way allows both parties to get precisely what they want," says Linda Cheung, Coupled co-founder, "suppliers have what the planner wants, and planners find the right supplier for what they want."
Those suppliers are hand selected, and not every supplier will make the grade just by having great images. Quality of service, product and being able to deliver are all part of what the team at CoupledHQ look for, and only the very best get selected. Whilst the focus is firmly on the UK for now, US, European and even Asian markets are currently under discussion.

Creating technology that delivers ease of use; functionality; beautiful inspiration, and coupling this to great suppliers isn't easy, and it isn't something that CoupledHQ call 'finished', either. Future development of added features and functionality are already part of the ongoing plan at CoupledHQ. Both of the co-founders have drawn on their long experience managing blue-chip companies, and know that launch is the beginning of the journey, and so they have already programmed more exciting features.
"We know the features that we've programmed, and they are pretty exciting," says Mark, "but it's also important that the engineering plans leave room for us to be creative and take advantage of changes in the way that people use technology."
Whilst the pair won’t be drawn on what they see in the future, it's pretty safe to believe that this is just the start of the beautiful, inspirational technology that the organisation will continue to deliver.

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