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Hey there, tell us a little about yourself!
Hi there! My name is Colleen Corcoran and I am the owner of The Handkerchief Shop an online store specializing in handkerchiefs with unique personalized embroidery options. I manufacturer two exclusive lines of handkerchiefs, Happy Hanky for ladies and The Hank for the gentlemen.

What inspired you to start your business?
I started my company in 2008 after I couldn’t find any stylish handkerchiefs to give my mom and bridal party for my own wedding three years earlier. I felt like those happy tears from the special moments at a wedding deserved more than just a tissue, so Happy Hanky was born. My mom had given me my first handkerchief so I asked her to write the happy tears poem that is on every Happy Hanky package.
When men started asking me for a unique line of handkerchiefs for them as well, The Hank was born (my husband, Jeff, named that line!)

What makes you stand out from the crowd?
Happy Hanky and The Hank, both exclusive lines of The Handkerchief Shop, are fresh takes on the retro handkerchief accessory. 
I pay close attention to the bridal color trends. Then I edit the new collections down to colors or prints that I think will be the most popular. Sometimes a Dainty White Happy Hanky or Simply White Hank with a monogram in the bride and groom’s colors are just beautiful so it’s also about adding embroidery thread colors to our collection in addition to new fabrics. 

Which is your favourite product and why?
Happy Hanky for women and The Hank for men

Photo Credit: Unforgettable Expressions

Top tip for couples planning their wedding?
Do you want to know what ends up being the most photographed accessory of the wedding day? It is whatever the bride, groom, parents and bridal party are using to dry their happy tears. For all those sentimental moments that the photographer will capture on the special day, a nice handkerchief is camera-ready, practical and it makes a great keepsake. Personalizing the handkerchiefs with the bridal party’s initials, the bride’s new monogram or an “I Love You” message for Dad are sure to bring special moments all their own.

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  1. Great idea. Ill be sure to let people know for that added extra to their special day