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Hey there Always You Photography, tell us a little about yourself! 
Matt has been in the wedding business for a couple of years now as a photographer. My background has always been business, management and PR. It really seemed to be the perfect combination! We are getting married ourselves in 2017 and found by looking around fairs etc we both really enjoyed it not just on a personal level, but also the creativity involved and interacting with the wonderful people in the industry. We then formed Always You Photography to take that to the next level. 

Why did you become a wedding photographer? 
When freelancing, Matt did a lot of photographic work outside of weddings – but he found his passion was really the personal touch and building connections with engaged couples. He was surprised that couples often found fairs and suppliers could come across as a bit too corporate and impersonal. We both felt there was a niche for that real personal touch, getting to know clients really well and building that relationship with them – it is so rewarding to still be friends with a lot of the couple we have worked with and that is why we do it! 

What makes you stand out from the crowd? 
There are a lot of beautiful wedding photographers in our area, each offering something really special. It was important for us to carve out a niche that offers something a little different not just to compete but to complement those styles and give engaged couples a real sense of choice. Our style has a slightly washed-out and de-saturated look that really gives our shots a distinctive vintage feel. Matt’s background is fashion, and we combine this into our work to give our photos a polished, vintage effect but also utilise a contemporary reportage style with high- end modern editing and effects. It’s a real fusion of classic vintage with modern fashion that we think is a little bit different. Our ultimate aim is to make sure the bride and groom look back at their photos and look as beautiful as they felt on the day. 

Which is your favourite photo and why? 
Matt: I loved this shot because it just feels so intimate but also stylistic. The pose was off the cuff and the intimacy of that moment just seemed to gel perfectly with the perspective I captured of the vineyard. It was taken during a quiet moment between the ceremony and reception and really captured the beautiful bride’s dress but also the sense of quiet contentment of the moment. 

Top tip for couples choosing their wedding photographer? 
Wedding photography is an investment, and choosing a style you love is so important. You can probably get photography done very cheaply, but is that person reliable? Are they qualified? Do they have the correct equipment? Remember, these photos will stay with you for life, and so it is important you feel confident that you will look as stunning and happy as you were on the day and that all those little details that made the day so special have been captured. Take the time to choose a photographer you feel comfortable and confident with, and make sure you really build a good bond with them in the run-up to the day. 

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