Get Crop Top Ready for a Summer Wedding

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As any prepared bride will tell you, the beginning of June is the best time and place for a wedding of your dreams. It is not too hot, nor too cold, so you can go with any kind of a wedding dress you want. This year, if you have been doing your regular exercises and ate right, you might want to try to be more original, and follow the latest crop top trend, wearing it on the most special day of your life. And what is there to pick from, and how to fit in them perfectly? Let’s find out.

Crop Top for a Warm Summer Day
As it is summer, and you can expect high temperatures. long sleeves and a high neck might not be the best choice. However, if you go for beautiful lace, combined with a high-waisted, long cotton skirt, you will be able to stay elegant while boldly showing off your perfect figure, without having to worry that you will feel uncomfortably hot.

Boho chic is also right up there with the latest and most popular trends this season, showing us that simplicity is always the best policy. A plain white crop top and a long light skirt fluttering in the wind will make your future husband’s heart literally skip a beat when he sees you (not that it wouldn’t either way, gorgeous girl!)

The look is mermaid inspired, but not regarding the cut of the bottom of the dress, but rather the top which covers only what needs to be covered in an unusually demure manner. If you want to achieve the highest level of grace, have it all out of lace, with the unusual top, and a long piece of fabric that following you all the way down the aisle.

Boho Crop Wedding Dress Inspiration

Break a Sweat
But even the most confident ones can have doubts about their bodies, and perfection is an absolute must when it comes to wedding. To be sure the dress fits, and to look and feel amazing in it, you will have to work for it.

Of course, workout itself will not do the trick if you do not go on a healthy diet, but be careful about choosing the food regime that is just right for you. Avoid Googling and taking diet advice from your friends, but better pay a visit to a nutritionist, as they will know what is best for you. The trick is that you should not starve yourself, but eat lighter meals, as not eating enough is as bad as eating too much.

Once you make sure that you are eating right, you can start planning your physical exercise, depending on your body, and of course, the parts that your dress will accentuate. With this, too, you can consult with a professional instructor, and have him help you do the exercises right.

Finally, once you make a plan, make sure that you stick to it. Know your limits, and do not try to lose too many pounds in a short time, as it is the unhealthiest thing you can do for your body. The best is to lose between 4 and 8 pounds a month, and if you plan to go over that, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

White Crop Top Wedding Dress Inspiration

Watch Your Calories
Of course, weeks before the weddings, you are really careful about what you eat and how many vitamins you take a day, but the wedding day should not be the day you stop and go wild – mainly because brides get jittery and only a few have a healthy appetite on the big day. You need to think about the wedding menu carefully and consider having fruit delivered to your wedding, like these Sydneysiders do. You will spend all day eating and drinking, and you do not want to get bloated, something that is mostly visible on a satin dress, but it also shows on a crop top dress.

You are most certainly perfect just the way you are, but there is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman on her wedding day. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are two things that will lead you to it, making your wedding day truly the happiest day of your life.

Author: Kate Flannery - Contributor, HighStyleLife

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