Paper: First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


So you have spent approximately 12-18 months planning the wedding and following this is the honeymoon. Once normal life has resumed, it will soon be time to start thinking about how to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

The traditional material that this gift should be made from is paper and here we give you our 5 top ideas:

Sheet Music
Why not find the sheet music of your first dance and have it framed like this one from The Old Record Shop?

We all know how forgetful men are so why not treat them to a manly notebook from Moleskin and then there's no excuse!

Plan a day trip, night out or romantic weekend away and present your other half with an envelope containing the ticket on the morning of your anniversary.

Write a Poem
Now you may want to start thinking about this one a little further in advance. There are lots of different types of poem so get creative, or get in touch with Mrs Moem who will write a bespoke poem just for you.

Paper Flowers
Go that extra mile and have the flowers from your wedding recreated in paper that can last forever.

Lottery Ticket
If you don't fancy any of the above or you leave it till the last minute, stick a lottery ticket of scratchcard in an envelope and you never know, it could be you!


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