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Hello there, tell us about yourself!
My name is Amanda Clark and I am the owner of A Wedding on a Budget, an online marketplace for everything wedding! This is one of my 4 businesses. I am also an artist for Rock Your Walls where I create unique pieces out of waxes, metals, paints and other things. I own a marketing company called INSEDIA Marketing Solutions and I specialize in online marketing and B2B connections. I am also in the process of starting-up a website similar to, but we aren’t ready to release the name or demographic yet! In addition to being a small business owner I am an inventor, graphic designer and a photographer. Creativity is what keeps me going everyday, whether it is cooking, baking, inventing, DIYing, painting or "MacGuyvering" as my close friends and family like to say. I am a dedicated and very driven individual. I am presently in the middle of planning my own wedding! And it should be noted that my fiancé Jon and I are HUGE Harry Potter fans.

Gryffindor all the Way!

What was the inspiration for starting your business?
I, like many others out there, started this company whilst planning for my own upcoming wedding. I hated (and still do) having to search EVERYWHERE on the www for things for my wedding. And then when I did find them, the costs were sometimes extraordinarily expensive. Thus, A Wedding on a Budget was born. 

What makes you stand out from the crowd?
My company stands out from the crowd because it is truly a “one stop shop” for anything and everything wedding and it is quickly growing every day! It’s the only one of it’s kind. Sure- there are others that appeal to one line of items that deal with weddings, but to encompass everything? We are on our own!

Amanda & Jon

What are you tipping as the next “big thing” for weddings?
Buying and selling for sure! A network of green opportunities! For the not so crafty- they can buy handmade wedding decor new OR gently used in someone else’s wedding. No more waste! For the penny pincher - find any dress, piece of jewelry, garment you want! New, used, sample, custom- all at excellent prices! For the small business owner- sell your designs, creations, products to the perfect audience - the ones there for that SOLE purpose!

Best advice for brides and grooms to be planning their wedding?
My best advice is to not stress about it. Enjoy it, because it’s gone in the blink of an eye and you want those memories to cherish later. Remember WHY you are planning in the first place, because of your love for the other person. Be conscious of your budget and don’t overspend - it will be special and magical no matter what you spend on it. Love each other and lean on each other through it all!

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