Gary Barlow Sings at First of 2015 Weddings

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You may remember that back in January, former X Factor judge and member of band Take That, Gary Barlow made a resolution to sing at 3 fans weddings during 2015.
"Every week I receive thousands of requests to sing at someone's Wedding ! In 2015 I want to sing at 3 weddings. The only deal is they have to be HUGE fans and all you have to do is stalk me on here."
One such huge fan was Sarah Hensley who had changed her profile photograph on twitter to show she son holding a sign saying "@GaryBarlow please sing at my mummy's and daddy's wedding!!" then gave the details of the time and location of the wedding.

The first wedding took place at the weekend and this video shows the DJ start playing the Take That hit, A Million Love Songs and a cardboard cutout of  Gary Barlow appearing at the door! As the applause dies down, the cut out disappears and the real Gary Barlow starts to sing.

Bride, Sarah Hensley, took to twitter to thank her idol.
Congratulations to Sarah and Gary and with 2 more weddings left, you never know if your wedding could be next.

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