Would You Pay £100,00 for Clear Skies On Your Wedding Day?

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They say that the one thing you cannot plan for on your wedding day is the weather...but now you can!

Having helped many couples plan their perfect nuptials, Oliver's Travels are now offering the exclusive service of "cloud-bursting". This service 100% will guarantee that there are clear skies and fair weather when you say "I Do".

Clouds busting, also known as cloud seeding, was developed by a US chemist in the 1940's called Vincent Schaefer. He realised that even small amounts of dry ice turned super cooled droplets of water into ice crystals. In English, the very cold water that is dispersed into the air, causes the clouds to drop their rain and disappear. There is no evidence to date that this process causes any damage to the environment and is used in real situations to improve rain and snow.

The service does come with a hefty price tag of £100,000 but isn't wedding day perfection priceless?

The bursting of the cloud takes place over 24 hours but the price you pay, covers a team of pilots and meteorologists to plan for more than 3 weeks. Currently only available to clients who are organising their wedding at an Oliver's Travel venue in France, the team are looking to extend their superpowers to assist couples in the UK and Italy soon.

Oliver's Travels co-founder Oliver Bell told The Telegraph - "We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, and are thrilled to be able to offer such an unusual, unique service to our customers, to ensure their wedding is the talk of the town."

The company's FAQ page, does say that success is guaranteed with the exception of a natural disaster such as hurricane occuring. The page also mentions that there have been occasional disputes over who "owns" the clouds, but nothing has ever been proven.

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