Review: Wedding Planner for iPad


Happy New Year lovelies!

Are you a 2015 bride who has resolved to be more organised this new year? We know that there are so many things to arrange when you are planning a wedding along with everything else that life can throw at you but the Wedding Planner for iPad app is here to help!

Available to download from iTunes and costing just £6.99, the Wedding Planner for iPad app is a place where you can make notes, create a colour scheme, keep track of your budget and countdown to the big day along with many other things!

The first thing you need to do is fill in a few details including your names, date of engagement and date of wedding.

The dashboard/homescreen is great as it shows you a summary of the information you have entered into the app at a glance. Compare the number of guests you have invited to the number you have had RSVP, how much of budget you have left available, your to do list and which suppliers you have booked and paid for.

Setting and keeping track of your budget is always a tricky subject.  The budget planner lets you break it down into different categories such as attire, reception and catering. The amount shown as allocated comes from the information you put into the vendors section but we tell you more about that later. Remember to include every item though as all those little extras add up!

The to do list allows you to keep a track of everything that needs doing then tick it complete once done. It will tell you if a task is coming up to it's due date and even when it's overdue. Filter by to do's that have been completed so you can see how far you have come!

One of the first things you need to do when you start planning your wedding is to make a list of guests you want to invite and yes, the Wedding Planner for iPad app will help you with that too! Save time by importing contacts from your iPad and enter as much or as little information as you like, but the more you enter, the more it will help you later. For example, you can use the list of those who have RSVP'd to creating the seating plan later on.

The notes feature works a bit like a post-it. You can type or import photos, move the notes around and is excellent for capturing ideas or inspiration. Create a mood board or just remind yourself that Sue can't sit next to Robert when you come to do the seating plan!

The vendors section means you can keep track of the suppliers you have booked, contact details, deposits paid and outstanding balances. We love that when you input the total cost of your supplier this automatically updates in your budget planner but to make it even better, if you could put the date the outstanding balance was due and it created a reminder in your to do section it would be fabulous!

The day schedule allows you to create a kind of running order of how your big day will go. Include times, places and notes then email to members of the wedding party and suppliers so they know where they should be and when!

Now to the seating plan (secretly my favourite part) and this app will take all the pain and stress of the task away. Here's the #BrideHour guide:
1. Add you style of table (choose from circular, square, rectangular or one-sided)
2. Choose the number of guests per table (this can be changed if needed)
3. Name your table 
4. Add an object eg cake and gift tables (this is important as they take up more space in your reception room than you think)
5. Voila - your table plan is done!

Once you have added all you tables you can shuffle them round to your hearts content. Double tap the table to add place names from your guest list and email the finished plan direct to your wedding planner. We think this is much easier than endless lists with multiple crossings out! One of our favourite features on the app.


Although you are excited about starting your newly married life together, you may not be able to comprehend a time which isn't filled with wedding planning. However, the app doesn't stop working once you have said "I do". The Thank You List allows you to keep track of who gave you what and tick it off once they have been thanked. Another paper saving idea!

Overall, we think that the Wedding Planner for iPad app would be money well spent and a welcome aid to any bride and groom. It will help guide you through the process from start to finish and keep all those important details in one place. Apart from linking the outstanding balance in the Vendors section to create a to do in the To-Do List, there isn't anything that #BrideHour could wish for!

We hope you find this review helpful and happy wedding planning!

P.S. In the event that planning just one wedding isn't enough, you can upgrade upgrade to plan up to 10 additional weddings!


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