Matchbox Music’s Guide to Live Wedding Music

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When it comes to organising a wedding, there are often so many things to think about. After trawling through venues, redesigning seating plans and numerous wedding cake tastings, it’s not surprising that people often overlook having live music at their wedding day.

The effect that live music can have on shaping a wedding is often under estimated, and people are often unaware of how many different options are available to them. Nowadays wedding music can be introduced throughout the day and not just reserved for the evening reception festivities. We have broken down the different sections of a wedding to help give you some ideas to the possible options to introduce some music flare to your wedding.

Arrival Music
Arguably the most important part of any wedding is the arrival. People always remember the music they had when they walked down the aisle. Although there are the traditional hymns and the wedding march, there are also alternatives that can also be as pleasing. Why not consider a harpist or perhaps a solo violinist playing a rendition of one of your favourite songs? The delicate playing can add another level of class and make the day extra special.

Drinks Reception 
After the register has been signed is usually the time the photographer gets his chance to shine. It’s at this point that many guests will be ushered into another room for drinks whilst the bride and groom have their photos taken. This is a moment where a well placed pianist or string section can create a pleasant understated atmosphere, after all, this is the part of the day where a lot of talking and catching up takes place. So having something that is interesting, whilst not over powering the conversation, is a must.

Evening Reception 
After the food and drink have been flowing, it’s time to celebrate! The evening reception is when the party really starts, so a natural choice is to have something upbeat and lively to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dance floor. There are many different types of live wedding bands to choose from, so it’s important to select the right one. Whether it be a jazz big band or a party band blasting out all the classic pop hits, a good wedding reception band is a perfect way for the bride and groom to make their mark on the evening and leave their guest with a night to remember.

We hope this has been helpful, if you need any advice or help finding the right music act for you, the staff at Matchbox Music will be happy to help!

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