Greenery in Your Wedding Flowers

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A very Happy New Year to all you lovely brides out there!

I can’t believe it’s 2015 already but I have a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic year!

For all of you planning your wedding flowers at the moment I wanted to do a piece on “greenery”. Now, I realise this may not sound like a very interesting theme.... however there are so many fab options for adding a touch of green to your bouquet and flower arrangements which can a) match your colour theme, b) reduce the cost by using less flowers and c) add that lovely rustic/wild feel that is going to be even more popular this year!

There are lots of options and as with all arrangements your florist will be able to advise what may suit your venue and your tastes, but here are a few of my favourite!

You can have purely greenery, this will suit brides who are going for the barn/outdoor wedding that is topped to be one of the most popular wedding venues and themes for 2015. For those who are feeling energetic, you can forage a lot of your own greenery for this type of bouquet, depending on the season that you’re choosing for your wedding. Certain foliage though such as Eucalyptus, Asparagus and Tree Fern ( a beautiful ethereal fern) are better ordered through your florist.

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And of course you can use greenery with just white or lovely pops of colour.

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As well as your bouquet, have you thought about other types of arrangements? A garland created from Eucalyptus can add a wonderful touch to any type of wedding, from rustic to chic and traditional. on Pinterest

Another option is using green flowers - the perfect partner to white. Green flowers add a sophisticated crisp tone to your wedding decor. My favourite is the Hydrangea, however these flowers can be quite pricey depending on the time of year. As an alternative, Viburnum is a great option for similar flower heads but cheaper- who doesn’t love that?!

Nothing pleases me more when a bride asks for something foraged or naturally grown to be included in the bouquet. I get my wellies on and try to calm a very excited Spaniel called Peppy and out we go, basket and secateurs in hand! The best part is that there is always something to be found all year round that can add a touch of greenery to your bouquet. It can be as much or as little as you like, trailing or compact! The choices as always are endless! Good luck with your wedding flower planning!

Hannah xx

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