December Flower of the Month: The Chrysanthemum


Yes, the humble Chrysanthemum has unfairly earned a reputation for being a granny favourite but is one of the most popular choices in recent years for winter colour and texture within floral arrangements.

The Chrysanthemum exists in 3 main groups; Blooms, Santini and Spray each offering a fantastic array of colour, size and lovely textures from spikey and huge, to little pompoms of petals and gorgeous mixtures of colours all in one flower.

Chrysanthmums - Pink Julie Ann, Salmon Pennine Rose and Lynn Yolynn
A handy alternative for the much loved Dahlia (with similar petal shapes), Chrysants are perfect for winter (they grow all throughout the year) as they come in all colours and I mean all colours. There are hundreds of varieties of this flower which is why I love working with them as there’s always a close match to any bouquet a bride may have seen online or in a flower magazine! It’s always a challenge when a bride has found something online and wants exactly that, but half of the flowers aren’t in season when they’re getting married. But, I love to be able to suggest alternatives that will also work or are similar in shape and texture to the ideal picture!
Butterfly Philosophy
The pink blush flowers in the centre amongst the orchids are Chrysanthemums in this beautiful bouquet below.
California Wedding Day
A couple of winter bouquets that I’m working on at the moment for some lovely ladies in Edinburgh will feature dark reds and purples to fit in with their wintery weddings. Dark red flowers which are almost black are really popular at the moment but are rarer within the flower world and with only a few flowers in this colour it can be a bit trickier to create the look. But (yes you’ve guessed it) there are a few types of Chrysants that come in a very dark red and create that wintery and Christmassy look.

Flower Parade
I particularly love Chrysants as you can find something to fit all types of arrangement. You can use the tiny Santini version for a beautiful floral crown or a wrist corsage, or even just to add a pop of brightness to a neutral bouquet. Or one of my favourites the Cassandra which deserves its own place amongst simple foliage to show off its delicate petals or perhaps as the focal point of a hair circlet?

Another reason why they feature so highly on my flower radar is that they last so well out of water and are perfect for hanging flower installations and other designs. Generally this can be limiting as the flowers are out of water from the moment I start creating the arrangement until after the wedding and no one wants wilting flowers on their special day!
 Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty
So, have I convinced you? Well even if not, I hope you’ll give them a try- remember they are around all year, come in many shapes, sizes and colours and are a lot less expensive than many other commonly used wedding flowers.

 Any flower questions? Feel free to get in touch on our Contact page! See you soon for January’s flower of the month!


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