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Last month we were invited to our close friends, Lisa and Matt's beautiful wedding held at St Peter's School Chapel, York followed by the reception at Aldwark Manor. For the end of October the weather was amazing (so good I was wearing a sleeveless dress without a cardigan) and this made a fantastic day even more fabulous.

Anyway, the lovely ladies at Off the Wall Decals were kind enough to lend their hand and add that extra WOW factor to the evening reception with one of their dancefloor decals.

Between us telling Kate which design the happy couple had chosen, to the decal being ready to ship was just 7 days. It arrived well protected in a large cardboard tube which was also a great help when we needed to transport it to the wedding venue in secret!

Me and the hubby had offered our services to apply the decal inbetween the end of the wedding breakfast and the start of the evening do. Having started unpacking the decal, we attracted the attention of the DJ who was setting and couple of members of the hotel staff who had heard what we were doing but didn't really know what to expect!

I have got say that as daunting as the task seemed, the instructions provided were simple, well written and easy to follow. Pictures were included and there was also a video which allows you to get the most out of your decal. If you want to have a practice before you let yourself loose on real thing, there is a sample included with your order or you can order one from the online shop before you make your decal purchase.

The Application
To make sure you position the decal as centrally as possible, the centres of each side are marked with arrows and you are also provided with a squeegee which is used to help apply pressure and press the decal to the floor.

The fact that we had two pairs of hands was a bonus as it made the holding and pulling easier, so grab a friend if you are applying one. My one piece of advice would be, when pulling the back away from the decal, keep the bit you are pulling as low as possible so as to not allow the decal to lift.

The Big Reveal!

The Finished Result

We were absolutely thrilled with the finished result as was everyone who saw it! The new Mr & Mrs Middleton loved it and hearing (and overhearing at the bar) all the wonderful comments from the guests made it worth while.

"Just amazing, thank you so much. So much better than we imagined."
Mr & Mrs Middleton, October 2014
#BrideHour would not hesitate to recommend Off The Wall Decals and if you are looking for something to add that little extra to your wedding (or any kind of event) and won't break the bank, look no further than a dancefloor decal and you will not be disappointed!

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