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Hi there, tell us a little bit about yourself... 
Light Up Love hire out giant letters for weddings, festivals, and other celebrations. We can also hire numbers, hearts, stars, pretty much any shape you can imagine - we can even make bespoke items. Our highly skilled carpenters build our letters in-house from top quality, 

What was your inspiration for starting the business? 
We have been running a lighting company called LX Lighting for a few years now and started the off-shoot Light Up Love when a customer asked for some lettering for their wedding. We thought it was such a wonderful idea we decided to make a business out of it! We really believe that great lighting can add an extra element of magic to an event, and that it should be fun and reflect the nature of the event. Light up letters are a wonderful addition to a wedding because they are simple, bold, and unique. 

What makes you stand out from the crowd? 
We’re really passionate about making an event look beautiful with lights, and we put a lot of thought and love into the details. We don’t just turn up, drop off the lights and leave you to it – we take a great deal of care in setting everything up exactly the way you want it, as efficiently and smoothly as possible to help reduce your wedding-day stress levels! 

What are you tipping as the next “big thing” for weddings? 
Bright colours and personalised ceremonies. Couples seem to be moving away from traditional and formal weddings, and creating something much more personal and unique to them. There’s a lot of value in tradition, but weddings should also be about that particular couple: who they are, where they come from, and what they love. More and more brides are embracing vivid colours in their choice of outfits and décor, making weddings that are much more vibrant.

Best advice for brides and grooms to be planning their wedding? 
Relax, enjoy, and avoid drama! Again, a wedding is all about the couple and the big day should be about YOU and your relationship. Don’t get sucked into thinking everything has to be ‘perfect’ (it won’t be so embrace it!!) or that you have to try and recreate a Royal wedding in order for it to be romantic. Your wedding should be as unique and full of love as you are! 

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