Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Rings

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Your wedding rings are the item of jewellery that you will wear daily for many years to come. Hence they must be perfect. Buying the perfect pair of wedding rings takes some work. Maria Farrugia, owner of Congenial Diamonds shares her top tips for shopping around and making the right choice.

Tip #1 – Try on a variety of wedding ring designs. Whether you already have a good idea of the ring you want to buy or simply looking for inspiration, trying on different styles is a must. Details to look out for are the ring style, width and profile that best suit your hand. Also, how comfortable is it to wear? Wedding rings with a high profile are generally less comfortable to wear daily. The final favourite could be very different from the style you may have had in mind when you started your journey.

Tip #2 – Know your precious metals. Platinum, yellow gold and white gold have been used in making wedding rings for many years. More recently, palladium has become increasingly popular for men’s wedding rings due to its affordability.

The different metals used for manufacturing wedding rings wear differently with time. For instance, white gold naturally discolours with wear and requires maintenance to bring it back to its white colour. Find out about the different properties of each precious metal before you make your decision.

Tip #3 - Choose the same metal of your engagement ring. The majority of married women wear their wedding ring on the same finger as the engagement ring. If this is your plan, then the metal of the wedding ring must really match that of the engagement ring. This will ensure that both rings were evenly and there is no mismatch in the colour.

Tip #4 - Triple check your ring size. It is very easy to order a ring sizer online. If you want to be absolutely sure, get your ring finger measured by a jeweller. Getting the ring size right is particularly important if you are planning to get a wedding ring set with diamonds all the way round. Such rings are very difficult to resize once they are made.

Tip #5 - Plain or diamond wedding ring? This is entirely a personal choice. Some women prefer the understated look, while others opt for a wedding ring set with diamonds to compliment the engagement ring. In some cases, the decision can be dictated by your profession and the type of work that you have.

Tip #6 - The purchase of your wedding ring is an investment. When budgeting for your wedding rings there are a few points worth considering. You are purchasing a ring that you will be wearing every single day for the rest of your life. You may eventually also pass it on to your future generation. Also, the price of precious metals like platinum and gold continue to rise over the years. Hence you can look at this purchase as an investment. 

Tip #7 - Take your search online before parting with your money. Nowadays the choice of wedding rings available online is ample. It is highly likely that your favourite ring design from the high street can be found on the internet for a fraction of the price.

Finally, although the search for the perfect rings can perhaps be overwhelming, help is at hand. Professional jewellers, like the staff at Congenial Diamonds, are expert in this area and happy to guide you to make the perfect choice. Call us on 0845 548 9858 to discuss your requirements.

Author: Maria Farrugia
Twitter: @Congenial_D
Facebook: CongenialDiamonds

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