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Weddings are very personal things. Well of course, how can a celebration of two individuals – each with their own tastes – pledging to spend the rest of their lives together be anything but? How the couple choose to display their personalities at their wedding is what makes the day their own… and making the day unique is what all couples strive for. Now, each wedding is already unique – after all the couple changes every wedding – but if you are reading this wondering how to make your day truly your own, there are a number of ways you can do this.

The Venue 
Whether or not you choose a civil or religious ceremony, the location of both the marriage itself and the reception afterwards should reflect your personalities. Just because it’s a wedding, don’t assume that a country pile is the way you must go. Sleek, chic city venues, farms complete with a large tipi, or even a theme park; there are so many places that would be perfect… you just need to find the one that says most about your character.

The Décor
How you dress your venue is far more important than some people give it credit for. It is what turns a nice location into your location. Fresh flowers, candlelight, fairy light curtains; all add ambiance. Dress your tables with beautiful numbers to help guests find their seats (like these amazing ones from Happyhandmade) 

Don’t forget to dress the outside of your venue. These paper poms by Paperpom are showerproof

If you are do not wish to use real flowers, these large paper versions by Paper gardens make for a great ‘flower wall’ backdrop for the head table, photo booth or cake table; or you could use them to create an arch over the entrance to a church or over the registry table.

Personalisation is a great way to make your day stand out – and a dance floor decal looks wonderful in first dance photos. champ

Guest books are a wonderful way to remind you of the day, and with one like this drop top oak version, it can take pride of place in your home, rather than be hidden away in a box or drawer. This one is by Wellpersonalised.

The Cake
A cake is a staple part of any wedding, but how it is decorated (and what it is made of) can really make a statement. Cheese, pork pies, macaroons or a selection of handmade cakes and pastries can be great alternatives to one large traditional cake. If you still want a 3 tier cake you could choose different flavours of sponge, or cupcakes to use as favours. Many couples choose flowers (iced or real) to top their cakes – but who says that you can’t still have a cake topper? How about one that really reflects your interests – such as this superman topper by Lotty Lollipop?

Dressed to the Nines 
The majority of brides look for the dress, the gown that fits like a glove and makes them feel fabulous. For the gents, usually it is a hired suit that makes them feel suitably smart without being uncomfortable. Older bridesmaids look great in proper bridesmaids dresses which you can match with younger girls… but if you would rather, skirts and tops or even trousers can look fabulous, and will get more wear after the day. If that is the route you choose to go down, then your younger girls can look wonderful in tutus or princess dresses, like the ones by Miss Francis and Mrs W below – which you can get in many coulours bespoke to your day.

Finally, finish your look with beautiful accessories, like this comb by Lace and Grace, or an alternative bouquet made from paper (this pinwheel bouquet is by Ribbons and Tulle) – bridesmaids don’t have to miss out; a button or brooch pomander is a beautiful alternative to a posy. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your big day!

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