Personalising Your Wedding

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Hi Brides-to-be, my name is Sheri and just around 6 months ago I was a bride. While I loved everything about planning my wedding, there were definitely some stressful moments. Hopefully my post today will give you some great ideas. One of my favorite aspects to a wedding is the wedding décor. There is so much you can do with décor, which makes it difficult to talk about them all. For today, I’m going to write about my top 5 wedding décor ideas that can be incorporated into any wedding! 

“M” is for Monograms
This is a trend that is becoming very popular and you can use in so many creative ways! One way to try this look is by using lights. Ask you DJ/band/venue if they have the equipment to light up your initials on the dance floor or wall. It’s something that will last the whole night and will look great in pictures! Another way to use monograms is for the centerpieces. If you’re using flowers, adding a cute monogram of your new last initial can really catch the eye. You can be creative and go to your local craft store and add paint, glitter, pearls, etc to match you wedding look. For sweetheart tables, using block letters that spell out Mr. & Mrs. is a really fun idea as well. I’ve seen these sold on sites like Amazon & Etsy, if you aren’t into making them yourself.

Water Effects
Water is an awesome and free source of décor that can make any wedding centerpiece appear very elegant. At craft stores they sell long clear vases that make great centerpieces. By placing water in these vases/cylinders you can create so many looks. If you have a really bright color in your wedding palate you can dye the water to match it. You can also have branches and/flowers crawl up the sides, Floating leaves and candles for autumn, or even put fresh fruit inside for a tropical summer wedding! For cocktail hour you can purchase smaller bowls to create a similar appearance.

Wine Bottles
Many brides who have winery weddings love using this look! However, it’s a great concept that can be used for décor regardless of where your wedding is held. First collect a bunch of wine bottles (doesn’t matter the shape, colour, or size) and peel off the labels. Then the fun begins. You can start by painting the wine bottles different colours. I think a cute idea is to purchase chalkboard paint and write on the bottles in a white chalkboard pen. For example take four bottles and write a different letter of LOVE onto each one. This can be a cute addition to the place card or cake table! Additional ideas include wrapping the bottles in yarn, adding glitter, Christmas string lights around or inside the bottle, and adding pearls, rhinestones, or shells. Have fun with this DIY project.

High/Low Centerpieces 
It’s very common to think that everything in a wedding has to match perfectly. If there are “x” amount of tables then there need to be “x” amount of centerpieces. This is definitely not the case. You can have so much fun mixing and incorporating different sizes and shapes. For example, if you are having tables with high floral centerpieces, make some have low floral centerpieces. It can really break up the room and give it a spacious look.

This idea is something that I personally think should be incorporated into all weddings. Every bride and groom has a story, so make sure you tell yours. Guests will love it! Whether you make an entrance sign with all the important dates in your relationship (first date, first house, engagement, etc.) or select a specific wedding theme that fits your personalities, there are so many ideas. Take a look at Pinterest, read blogs and talk to other brides. At my wedding, I made programs, drink stirrers, and overnight bags including fun facts about me and my husband. Even though they weren’t technically decorations, these ideas added a personal touch to all the other décor I had there. So be creative!

Hopefully, some of these wedding décor ideas can help you with planning your own wedding. One great way to save money and spend time with your bridesmaids is to have a crafting party! If you aren’t the most creative person, but have friends who are—use them! All of these looks can be created within the home before the big day. Happy Planning and if you need any advice at all, please check out my blog Just Call Me Mrs!

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